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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How are the alert messages sent?

Using the same technology as a mobile phone SeNCit sends the alerts messages directly as SMS text messages.
These are sent directly from the SeNCit unit to the carers mobile or home phone.
SeNCit contains a SIM card just like a mobile phone.



Q. What is a SIM card and how do I use it?

A SIM card is the small chip that you fit inside the SeNCit unit. It is the same as the SIM card you use in a mobile phone to allow it to connect to one of the mobile networks.

We supply a pay-as-you-go SIM card with each SeNCit but you can use one of your choice.


Q. Should I use a monthly contract SIM rather that a Pay-as-you-go?

Monthly contract SIMs are best where you expect to receive many alerts, such as with the door sensor for wandering alerts, as you usually get unlimited text messages as part of the contract. Also monthly SIMs can be fitted and you do not have to check the credit level or top them up. Some pay-as-you-go SIM cards allow you to check credit levels by phone or online and in some cases you can get them to auto-top up when the credit drops below a certain level.

We keep an updated guide to SIM cards here:

Please click to download a copy.


Q. Can I send the alerts to more that one person?

Yes - You can have up to five message recipients - they can all get the messages and 'ring' alerts or you can cascade* them i.e. SeNCit will attempt to send the alert message to recipient number 1 and if their phone is switched off or out or network then it will try recipient 2 and so on until it receives a delivery report.

*the cascade feature uses the mobile networks message delivery report service. Not all mobile networks support this feature - in these cases the messages will be sent to all message recipient that have selected to receive SMS alerts.


Q. I don't have a mobile phone - Can I still get the alert messages?

Yes - most land line phone will receive SMS text messages and convert them into a spoken messages (BT call this text to voice).


Q. How do I mount the SeNCit product to my wall?


SeNCit comes with a wall mounting bracket and screws to allow you to mount it to a wall.

SeNCit should be fitted high on the wall and should not be facing any heat sources such as windows, external doors, radiators etc.




Q. How is the SeNCit Unit powered?

SeNCit comes with a mains adapter which coverts the mains voltage to a safe low voltage DC level. The cable is 5 meters long to enable you to reach any nearby mains socket. The cable should be secured to any wall or door frame to prevent a trip hazard.


Q. Can I add more that one door sensor to the SeNCit+?

Yes - you can add a maximum of two door sensors to each SeNCit+ unit.